InfiCure Bio offer advanced drug validation services for pharmaceutical companies developing drugs against fibrosis – or scar tissue formation in organs. The shortage of existing model systems that reflect human fibrotic disease conditions, make this a very attractive CRO-service for pharmaceutical developers.

High prevalence of fibrosis

Approximately 40 percent of deaths in the industrial world is caused by fibrosis of the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys. Despite the high prevalence of fibrosis and its enormous impact on human health, there are currently no approved agents that can prevent, arrest, or reverse fibrosis.

Available treatments are aimed at treating the complications of the disease, rather than the cause. Thus, there is great market potential for new anti-fibrotic agents that can reverse fibrotic disease and thereby increase survival rates.

One of the major challenges in the development of new anti-fibrotic therapies is the translation of basic molecular mechanisms of fibrotic diseases into the clinical development of new therapeutics in combination with the lack of good and reliable pre-clinical models for testing of substances under development. New models that better reflect human fibrotic disease conditions are therefore much requested by drug developers in this field.

The market for liver fibrosis alone is estimated to exceed 2.8 Billion USD by the year 2017.

Competitive Advantages

The researchers behind this project have developed a unique pre-clinical model and offer whole-organism preclinical testing in this whole-organism system. The model, in combination with the teams expertise, extensive knowledge in the field of inflammation and fibrosis research gives InfiCure Bio valuable assets that they are now bringing to the market.