Must-have document templates for scientists gone innovators

As an entreprenour you invariably end up navigating territories that you are unfamiliar with. To make life easier, we’ve collected useful templates and checklists to let your focus on what you know best.

Let us know if you come across additional documents that you think may help others in our life science community.


Quick checklist for IPR or patent issues

First of all you need to check if your idea or solusion is new. This means that it is now yet published or patented by anyone else. Once this is established – you have identified a potential innovation that might be able to patent. Before you start telling the world about your great idea

1. If you can file a patent application before you publish, demonstrate, or offer for sale – then by all means file your patent application first.

When you cannot file first – then take precautions:
a. if you have to give a private presentation or speech – do not provide handouts.

b. if you must publish before filing – limit your description of the actual invention – talk about the benefits, not the invention.

c. if you need to make an offer of sale – present it as a solution to a problem – without describing the actual invention.

d. when dealing with other research groups or business partners – always work through Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) – always.

3. If timing is of the essence – file a national application as soon as possible – but make it a complete application.


How to write a successful funding application

Writing attractive and accessible grant applications is an artform few masters, but anyone can learn. Our friends at Uppsala Bio have compiled a great set of tips and insights on how to succees with this mission.

Are your applications as good as they can be? Read more and watch a video about writing good applications here (link).


Legal documents – ready-made templates

Ready to write an Non-Disclosure agreement? Use these prepared templates prepared by branch professionals and published by our national network Swelife. Templates include NDA and Due Diligence forms, as well as several other critical document types you will soon be familiar with as an entreprenour within life science.

Legal document templates for startups available here (link).