Helén Fält, Umeå Biotech Incubator
Helén at BioEurope Spring 2019

BioEurope Spring in Vienna with 2 486 delegates, ranging from International investors to major companies. Our business coach Helén is in Vienna representing UBI and life science in northern Sweden.

UBI have not previously participated at Bio Europe, so this year we chose to participate to get new contacts and also update previous contacts.

How have you experienced the interest in UBI so far?

The interest from people in UBI is high. They want to keep in touch with us continuously to see the progress of existing cases/companies, and to keep track of future cases that could fit their portfolio.

What do people in the industry know about Umeå?

It varies, those who have had contact with us or any of the companies know Umeå, but not otherwise. Im here to change that, i hope that atleast a few people here at Bio Europe now have some new knowledge about Umeå.

Any valuable contacts you met so far?

I met a couple of new investors, one in Europe and one in Asia. Additionally, I’ve met an internationally recognized expert who wants to share their knowledge with our companies.

Are you missing something on BES so far?

A colleague, there is a lot of preparations to do both before and after the meetings. I have just been at a seminar on “preparation for out-licensing”. A key takeaway from that was that even more time should be spent on preparations.


About bio europe https://ebdgroup.knect365.com/bioeurope-spring/