As the summer holidays draw to a close, Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI) is already busy getting back to work. On Thursday and Friday this week UBI Business Coach Pia Keyser will be at the Wasa Future Festival in Finland to talk about the life science collaboration in the Kvarken region.

“We have already coached a project based in Vaasa. This trip will help deepen that collaboration and, hopefully, enable us to help more projects in Finland”, says Pia.

Wasa Future Festival pulls together representatives from industry, academia and politics to solve problems and create solutions and collaborations within economics, technology, healthcare and culture. The annual festival has been held since 2012, and this year is taking place between August 7-12th at Vaasa Innovation Center.

Umeå Biotech Incubator is participating in the festival for the second year running. Last year UBI’s former CEO Jennie Ekbeck was there, and this year UBI is being represented by Pia, who will attend on Thursday for two action-packed days.

“We want to broaden our contact network, which will enable our projects to learn more about the Finnish market and create new collaborations. The goal is for us to be able to support life science ideas in the Kvarken region. We already fulfill that function for other incubators in northern Sweden, and it would be great to develop the same service for the Kvarken region as well”, says Pia.

In addition to Pia giving a short talk on Friday about life science collaboration in the Kvarken region, she will also meet the person responsible for innovation at the University of Vaasa.

“Last year Jennie explained how we work and what we do. Now we’re going to build on that to deepen our collaborations”, says Pia.

“It will also be fun to meet people from the innovation system in Vaasa, as well as decision-makers and representatives from the health and medical care professions in the region. There are also investors there that I hope to make contact with”.