Photo courtesy of Umeå University
Prof. Maréne Landström is the academic behind the early prostate cancer case funded.

The results from the evaluation of the highly competitive national call “Projects for Better Health” were announced on March 18th. Again, two UBI-related cases are among the 22 successful applicants who receive funding. The total sum granted is 20,5 million SEK.

The Vinnova-financed national innovation programs Swelife and MedTech4Health announced a joint national call “Projects for Better Health” in early 2018.

In total 144 applications were submitted. Of these, 120 were selected for a detailed review. In the final round 34 applicants were interviewed and eventually 22 were accepted. Among the successful applications are two from Umeå Biotech Incubator. One is developing at treatment against aggressive prostate cancer – and the second is developing an antiinflammatory biological drug candidate against rheumatoid arthritis in children.

– We are happy to learn that one of our earliest cases and one of our advanced cases have been selected in this call. The results again show that UBI’s rigorous quality control pays off when it comes to grant applications, says Jennie Ekbeck, CEO at Umeå Biotech Incubator.

Good spread of applicants both scientifically and geographically

The call was open to a wide range of life science areas and nine of the accepted projects are within pharma, nine within medtech and four are working with e-health solutions.

– It is exciting that the project cover everything from pharma to educational effort for back pain to artificial intelligence. The essence of the call is public health, and the projects show that the patient is indeed in focus, says Project Manager Åsa Wallin at Swelife.

Here is a list of all the 22 accepted projects:

Project Titel
MTHFD2-inhibitorer för behandling av AML Karolinska Institutet
Specifik hämning av mikrosomal Prostaglandin E syntes, säkerhetsfarmakologisk fördel mot NSAID? Gesynta Pharma AB
Ny behandlingsstrategi för aggressiv prostatacancer Umeå Biotech Incubator AB
Analyssystem för diagnos av cancer utnyttjande exosommarkörer EDS Exosome Diagnostic Systems AB
STAT3 inhibition som immunterapi för behandling av prostatacancer Glactone Pharma Development AB
Klinisk utvärdering av en banbrytande teknik för snabb känslighetstestning av antibiotika Astrego Diagnostics AB
Domänspecifika BET inhibitorer som cancerterapi SARomics Biostructures AB
Validation of a biological candidate drug LIPUM AB
Unik läkemedelskandidat för behandling av Huntingtons sjukdom Karolinska Institutet
Digitalt vårdsystem för behandling av barnfetma: konceptverifiering Health Support Sweden AB
Intelligent helhetsplattform för diabetes Lunds universitet
Ryggskolan Ryggskolan
ACTsmart Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset
Stealth needle SAGA SURGICAL AB
Verification of the use of microneedles as sampling tool for decreased neonatal morbidity ASCILION AB
Software for clinical mutation analysis in cancer precision medicine Uppsala universitet
An AI based digital pathology decision support tool to identify and classify lung cancer. ContextVision AB
Implantatbeläggning för förbättrad rörlighet efter handkirurgi RISE
En ny, säker och resistensfri behandling av vaginala svampinfektioner GEDEA BIOTECH AB
Utveckling & verifiering av en innovativ medicinsk kompressionsstrumpa PRESSCISE AB
Open Healing Concept – Avancerat membran för benuppbyggnad NEOSS AB
EasyForce – ett innovativt verktyg för mätning av kraft inom fysioterapi Meloq


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