QureTech Bio AB (QTB), a pharmaceutical development company originating from Umeå University, proudly announces the appointment of three new board members at its Annual General Meeting held on May 25, 2023. This strategic move is aimed at further enhancing QTB’s drug and business development.

The newly appointed board members are:

Yijing Sun Hultgren
Yijing has over a decade of experience in finance. In her most recent role, she ran $350mn as a portfolio manager for Millennium, a US hedge fund with $58bn assets under management. Her background is in public equity investing and investment banking. Yijing graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Math and Economics.

Lennart Hansson
Lennart is former head of Life Science Investments at Industrifonden, one of Sweden’s largest venture funds. Previously he has more than 25 years’ experience in the pharma and biotech industry in executive positions at KabiGen, Symbicom AB, AstraZeneca AB, Karolinska Development AB and BioVitrum AB and as CEO for Arexis AB. He has a PhD in Genetics from Umeå University.
Other current assignments: Hansson is chairman of the board of Cinclus Pharma Holding AB, Sixera Pharma AB and Ignitus AB, as well as board member of Index Pharamceuticals AB and Medivir AB.

Ulf Björklund
Ulf has more than 35 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry from research, development and marketing of pharmaceuticals to diagnostics. Previous engagements include CEO of Aprea in oncology and CEO of OxyPharma in autoimmune diseases. Prior to that, he held several senior positions at Pharmacia in clinical research covering many therapeutic areas. Ulf Björklund has additional experience in organization partner collaborations, financing and communication with regulatory authorities in Europe and the USA.
Ulf is currently chairman of the board of Lipum AB and Stayble Therapeutics AB, CEO at UB-consulting AB, CMO at Redwood Pharma AB. Ulf has a Pharmacy degree at Uppsala University.

Helén Fält, CEO
E-mail: helen.falt@quretech.com
Mobil: +46 70 388 5025
Web: www.quretech.com