Prediktera, Oskar Jonsson and Andreas Vidman

Prediktera from Umeå in northern Sweden has made the list of Europe’s most dynamic Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups.
“This increases our visibility and opportunities to find partners, employees and customers in Europe and around the world,” says Andreas Vidman, CEO of Prediktera.

The hot list was created after a committee consisting of representatives from investors, large companies, academia, authorities and incubators evaluated a large number of nominated startups. Through a rigorous assessment process the committee selected the best AI companies in their respective European countries. German Accelerator, Vinnova, Ignite Sweden, AI Sweden, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Hub France IA are among those who participated.

And Prediktera was not alone in Umeå to make the list, with Codemill and its spinoff companies Adlede and Algoryx Simulation also receiving mentions.

Prediktera was founded in 2015 and has received support from both Uminova Innovation and Umeå Biotech Incubator. The company, which is located in Umeå Biotech Incubator’s premises at Tvistevägen, has developed a software for a new camera technology called chemical image analysis. This software enables companies to check the condition and quality of their products and materials in real-time directly in their operational processes.

“Our technology can be applied in many different industries and to many types of materials. It can be used, for example, for quality control in the food industry to measure the content of fat, protein and water in a product, or to detect contaminants and other quality deficiencies,” says Andreas Vidman, who continues:

“Our customers can also use this technology for the automatic classification and sorting of various materials, for example in the recycling or mining industries”.

He is delighted and proud the company has been recognised among the best AI startups in Europe.

“It is a stamp of quality that will help us in the future. We were also recently named one of Sweden’s most exciting AI companies, and this has given us better visibility and an increased number of contacts, inquiries and interest. All this attention is great!” says Andreas Vidman.

He continues:

“We are delighted to draw more attention to Umeå and get the city noticed for its companies – especially those connected to Umeå University. A lot happens in Umeå. It’s a great city to establish and grow companies in”.

Right now Prediktera itself is in an intense phase of growth.

“We have a ready-made solution and, together with our camera partner, we hope to find new customers in a variety of different industries. We are an amazing team and complement each other really well, which we’re confident will lead to many exciting projects in the future ,” says Andreas Vidman.

For more information, please contact:

Andreas Vidman
CEO Prediktera AB