Maria Sundell, senior consultant at Orderly People, starts working in Umeå after the summer.

Life science consulting company Orderly People has announced it will base one of its consultants in Umeå after the summer.
“There is a vibrant life science industry in Umeå which we want to be a part of”, says Orderly People’s founder and co-owner, Maria Jansson.

The city’s life science industry is growing fast and with it the need for service companies with specialist skills. Umeå Biotech Incubator recently organized a service company fair that attracted some 15 different companies from all over Sweden.

Orderly People, which has its headquarters in Stockholm, provides expertise and advice that focuses primarily on medical technology, but also life science as a whole, as well as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

“In addition to helping with validation, CE-marking medical devices for MDR and IVDR compliance, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, internal and external audits, and MedTech project management, we also have consultants who specialize in production and processes”, says Maria Jansson.

The reason the company is now establishing itself in Umeå is not only because of the city’s rapidly expanding life science industry but also because senior consultant and molecular biologist Maria Sundell wants to move back to Norrland after 20 years in the Swedish capital.

“It feels great to move to Umeå with Orderly People, as I really enjoy working with them. I have a pretty good grasp of the industry in Umeå. There is so much going on in the city and the region as a whole, so it will be exciting to be able to offer my skills to local companies”, says Maria Sundell.

From Orderly People’s perspective, it is advantageous to have a person in place to explore the city’s growing life science scene.

“Personal contact is the best way to do business in our industry. It is great for us to be able to spread out, grow our network of contacts and hopefully welcome some new partners in addition to our existing ones like, for example, AFRY and Sigma. Even though we are a Stockholm-based company we have accepted assignments outside of Stockholm, for example in Timrå”, says Maria Jansson.

The consulting company employs nine people – with more on the way – including a post in Skåne and Maria Sundell’s appointment in Västerbotten.

“I have mainly worked in pharma as a process engineer, supporting the production of various pharmaceuticals. My consultancy work involves the qualification of equipment, validation and deviation, and change management, both in day-to-day business as well as larger projects where companies want to scale up production”, says Maria Sundell.

She concludes: “I’m really looking forward to moving to Umeå and getting started”!