The team behind Lipum in meeting. Photo: Mattias Pettersson
The team behind Lipum in meeting. Photo: Mattias Pettersson

Umeå-based biopharmaceutical company Lipum has been working towards a stock exchange listing since 2018 – and now the moment has finally arrived.

On Thursday, April 22, shares in Lipum will be traded on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market for the very first time. The company will ring Nasdaq’s opening bell, which has been specially transported to Umeå, to mark the occasion.

Lipum has developed a biological drug candidate which aims to offer better treatments for children with rheumatism. Pre-clinical studies have shown very promising results, and production development is ongoing.

“We will begin clinical trials in the spring of 2022, which means that we are at a late stage of our pre-clinical development. In parallel with the clinical development we aim to produce additional pre-clinical data relating to more diseases than just rheumatism. Our goal then is to establish collaborations with larger companies for the treatment of various chronic inflammatory diseases,” says Einar Pontén, CEO of Lipum.

Preparations for Lipum’s stock exchange listing began at the end of 2018, and have played a major role in the company and on its decision-making processes ever since. During the autumn of 2020 these preparations intensified considerably.

“We have raised approximately SEK 85 million through a new share issue, with the opportunity to receive an additional SEK 60 million in August 2022 via share options. In addition to gaining access to venture capital, we are also becoming more widely known. And now, as we become a public company, we must strive to become even better. It’s something that really motivates us,” says Einar Pontén.

Thursday, April 22 will be the first trading day for Lipum shares on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market, and staff will gather outside its office at Tvistevägen 48 in Umeå to celebrate the launch.

“The bell ceremony will be held at 09:00 to officially begin the trading day. Because of the global pandemic Nasdaq has produced a traveling bell that is being sent to Umeå. The opening bell will also be rung on the stationary bell at the same time in Stockholm, and the entire ceremony can be followed via Zoom,” says Einar Pontén.

He continues:

“We are of course elated to have reached this milestone. It is proof that we are a well-organised company with a clear business idea that many others want to have an interest in”.

You can follow Lipum’s stock exchange bell ceremony at

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