Lipigon is happy to announce three new major partners investing in the company. Umeå based Fort Knox Förvaltning AB and Partnerinvest Övre Norrland AB together with Antaros Medical AB have entered as new shareholders.

The collaboration with the new investors allows Lipigon to expand within present programs and to evaluate novel drug targets.

– We are very pleased to announce three new partners as stakeholders in Lipigon. With these new investors, we are getting the necessary long-term commitment that we need to grow and build a sustainable research based Company, says Stefan K. Nilsson, CEO of Lipigon Pharmaceuticals.

Experienced branch partners

Fort Knox and Partnerinvest are experienced life science investors with the financial means to support present and future capital needs according to the Lipigon management.  Furthermore, the company has entered into a partner collaboration with another science based company – a partner meant to compliment the know-how in related fields.

– Antaros Medical is perfectly situated to support us when our programs reach clinical phases through their expertise in medical imaging and drug development, says co-founder and CEO Stefan K Nilsson.

– There is a lot of excitement in the company. We have a very interesting year coming up and high expectations for the future, he adds.

Team spirit among investor trio

The new partners have a joint vision for the enterprise and each bring added value to the development of Lipigon. Investment manager at Partnerinvest Mattias Eriksson sees this collaboration as a team effort;

– Lipigon has leading knowledge within the area of metabolism and we see a great potential in the company. We are also very pleased to do this investment together with Fort Knox and Antaros.” says Eriksson.

Antaros Medical´s CEO, Johannes Hulthe, points out the synergy effects;

– We believe there are several synergy effects between the strong metabolic research focus in Lipigon and the experience Antaros Medical brings in terms of drug development as well as imaging methodologies to explore early efficacy signals in humans. We are proud to be part of the exciting journey that lies ahead, he says.

Read the full press release at Lipigons own website (link).

About Lipigon

Lipigon is a spin out from Umeå University in Sweden. The company was founded by leading scientists in the field of cellular lipid transport. Lipigon is currently focusing on the discovery and development of novel treatments for dyslipidemia and metabolic diseases. Learn more at: www.lipigon.se

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