Inficure Bio has signed an investment deal acquiring external venture capital for the first time. The new partners contribute with broad competence and funding – and within one year the goal is to become an established player on the international market for development of anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic drugs.

– The money will primarily be used to increase our customer network and increase sales, but also to expand the number of pathologies that our product can be used for, says Sofia Mayans, CEO and one of the founders of Inficure Bio AB.

Inficure Bio’s innovation is – like many others in basic research – a by-product from another research project. The discovery was out aside until Sofia Mayans and Dan Holmberg realized the possibilities of the new model; as a tool for drug development to cure or relief fibrosis – the formation of scar tissue in the body.

Although fibrosis contributes to 40 percent of deaths in the industrialised world – there are no effective drugs available today. The market for a successful candidate is wide open. Inficure Bio’s aim is to speed up the development of new drugs that can alleviate these conditions in millions of people worldwide. The young startup’s greatest asset is the patented mouse model that allows drug companies to faster and cheaper test future drugs against fibrosis – often as a result of prolonged inflammation.

Sofia Mayans and Dan Holmberg signing the investment contract at PartnerInvest Norr’s offices.

Nordic Light Capital and Partnerinvest Norr are the new shareholders as of 29th of September 2017. The new partners bring solid industry knowledge to the table, broad specialist skills and financing. Both venture capitalists are active in Västerbotten – with a strong focus on young companies with global potential, good scalability, and a business concept based on advanced science and technology.

– We see a unique model based on excellent Umeå research with great global potential and a good team in the company. InfiCure Bio AB fits well with Nordic Light Capitals investment strategy and provides a good risk spread to our portfolio, says Mikael Öhlund, at Nordic Light Capital.

Sofia Mayans and Dan Holmberg checking the details of the investment contract.

With the first external investment in place, Sofia Mayans and the team behind Inficure Bio are now aiming to go from small startup to established service retailer in their field.

– This investment covers a critical stage of development for Inficure. The initial funding will last almost a year. As we reach agreed milestones, we will receive a second payment, supporting our operations for another couple of months. At the end of the period, the company is expected to reach break-even, and thus not need additional capital, says Sofia Mayans.

About Inficure Bio
Inficure Bio was officially registered in 2015 but the team behind the company has been accepted in the specialized business incubator Umeå Biotech Incubator since 2013. The company provides the world’s most effective tests for validating potential drugs against fibrosis and prolonged inflammation. Inficure Bio served its first international customers in 2016 and is currently focusing on the European, American and Australian markets.

Contact information to InfiCure Bio
Sofia Mayans, Ph D
Founder and CEO, Inficure Bio AB
E-post: sofia.mayans@inficurebio.com
Mobil: 0703-66 46 66

Text and photos: Carolina Hawranek