A few weeks ago, Sofia Mayans, CEO of the startup InfiCure Bio, got an offer she could not turn down. Her successful participation in the “Entreprenour of the Future” last year had attracted some international attention – and suddenly she was the only woman out of eight CEO’s closing the bell at Nasdaq in New York City.

How come your startup ended up in NYC pitching to Investors?
The event in NYC was the 29th Seed Forum in NY and this event was organized by Seed Forum in collaboration with e.g. Carnegie Investment Bank, Anchin, Block & Anchin and Barton LLP. My first encounter with Seed Forum was when I was in the competition Framtidens Entreprenör last year. Steinar Hoel Korsmo from Seed Forum were responsible for our pitch practice. In April this year Per Johan Björnstedt from Seed Forum contacted me and asked if I was interested in joining them to meet investors in NY.

Out of eight hand-picked startups from Europé, Sofia Mayans was the only CEO in a skirt.

What was the main purpose of your trip?
The main purpose for me was to increase the exposure of InfiCure Bio on the US market. This is a very big and important market for us and it will easier for us to sign contracts with American customers if they heard about us before we approach them. It would of course be nice to find an investor, but the same holds true for the investors, it is better if they have heard about the company before we contact them directly.

Do you have any special experience you will remember?
For the company, the mingel with investors after our presentations was very productive and promising making it a very nice experience. For me personally it was the Closing Bell Ceremony at Nasdaq. We were invited to take part in the Closing Bell Ceremony and there is something empowering by standing on Times Square and see a photo of yourself on the Nasdaq building.

Attending the Closing Bell Ceremony at Nasdaq was one of the highlights of the trip. Photo: InfiCure Bio AB.

How many startups travelled with you?
In total we were eight companies traveling to NY. Three companies were from Sweden, three companies were from Norway, one company was from Finland and one company was from Georgia. Common to all of us is that we all need capital. Some companies have longer history, e.g. Poseidon and Eevia, than others e.g. InfiCure Bio and Pawwwn.

Is it true you were the only female CEO represented?
That is true! I was the only woman presenting at the meeting and the only woman joining this trip.

Back in Sweden, Sofia Mayans was invited as a special guest to Carnegies after-work session “Efter börsen” to recap the NYC trip. Photo: Marcus Bohmelin, Carnegie Investment Bank.

What has happened after your return to Sweden?
I was invited to Carnegie Investment Bank to join their after-work called “Carnegie Efter Börsen”. This was also a nice event where Carnegie invite partners, customers and media to come to their terrace, have some snacks and listen to interviews conducted by Henrik von Sydow. I was invited to talk about InfiCure Bio, my reflections about the investor trip to NY and the needs we have at InfiCure Bio right now.

Would you recommend others to join if they would get a similar opportunity?
Definitely! The trip was worth all work and it is always good to present your business in a setting where nobody knows anything about it in order to get a validation of the business idea. If you get the chance to go, you should take the chance!

Sofia Mayans, CEO of InfiCure, being interviewed about her experiences from the NYC trip at Carnegies “Efter börsen”. Photo: Marcus Bohmelin, Carnegie Investment Bank.