Jonas Eriksson, Biosolens

The Umeå-based startup Biosolens has officially been assigned a national mission to introduce the digital tool Patient Voice™ in Sweden. The app allows people with chronic gastointestinal problems to report wellbeeing and health status continuously, and healthcare professionals can then personlize their treatment regimens faster.

– This is an important recognition, both for Biosolens and Västerbotten. The assignment shows that we are well positioned in e-health and gives us financial opportunities to further develop our biochemical reagents, says Biosolen’s CEO and founder Jonas Eriksson.

The mission to introduce PatientVoice on the Swedish market was awarded to Biosolens in May 2017 and comes from the Swedish Association for Stomach & Bowel Diseases. However, the introduction is partly financed by Takeda Pharma AB – the company that has been involved in, and developed, the digital patient tool. Biosolens are awarded SEK 585,000 from Takeda Pharma AB over a period of eight months.

A tool for 6300 patients in spring 2018

If all goes well, the e-Health tool will be in full use as early as march 2018 catering to some 6,300 patients daily. When fully operational, it will mean major benefits to individuals affected by chronic illness. Instead of temporary evaluations of their treatment via manual surveys, they can now continuously evaluate the effect of the care they receive. The application also offers great benefits for patient associations and healthcare professionals who can easily follow up and further develop personalized treatements according to the actual effects.

Strong e-Health region in Västerbotten and Swedish data Power

The fact that Takeda Pharma and the Swedish Association for Stomach & Bowel Diseases decided on Biosolens may be due to the fact that Västerbotten is at the forefront of e-health development and that important national infrastructure in this field already exist in the region. Synergies with stakeholders such as Register Center Norr and the venture Digitala Västerbotten may be of importance in the future. Server power has been procured nationally and data traffic will be supplied by IT-contractors with servers in Sweden – which means that patient information is not stored abroad at any time.

Biosolens part of a growing and fast developing e-health industry

There is a trend that the pharmaceutical industry has shifted focus and working more with patient contact than before. One sign of this is that the small Umeå company Biosolens has been invited to the major trade fair Patient Summit Europe 2017 in October – and PatientVoice is just one of several patient tools that will be presented at the fair.

– Both our company, and the patient organisation involved, are convinced that the tool will be of great value to patients and give the association important information about their members, says Jonas Eriksson.