HILICON is a world leading company in developing and manufacturing chromatography products for HILIC (hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography) separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds. They offer a broad range of HILIC products under the brand names of iHILIC®-Fusion, iHILIC®-Fusion(+), iHILIC®-Fusion(P), and iSPE®-HILIC.  

For how many years did you work with the incubator team?

“We had intensive and close contact from March 2014 until March 2018. HILICON moved out from UBI and relocated in April 1, 2018.”

What happened to your idea in the end? 

“The idea became an actual business after two years of hard work. HILICON has customers in more that 25 countries, mainly employees of universities and pharmaceutical companies. In the past two years scientists, who used our products, published more than 20 high quality papers in scientific journals. In 2018, we have more than 1MSEK in annual sales and the estimated sales increase will be 50-100 percent in 2019.”

What did you most appreciate about the incubator environment at UBI?

“The incubator is a very valuable resource for turning a project into a company or an idea into products. It provides professional knowledge for developing a business and the necessary equipment for different projects. Without all this support, it would be very difficult for people to take the first risky and critical step into the business field.”

What learnings have you taken with you from your journey in the incubator?

“Entrepreneurship, a financing strategy and a useful network.”

What would you say to others wanting to utilise a research idea?

“Be brave and open-minded.”

UBI Incubation Phase


Contact Information

Tvistevägen 48, SE-90736 Umeå, Sweden