Detailed schedule for the International Incubator Program 2022

24-28 Oct: Three 2-hour sessions of individual meeting (6 hrs); NABC, spider-diagram and stakeholder-mapping

3 Nov, 15:00 (CEST, UTC+02:00): Need verification workshop with expert consultant

7-11 Nov: 2-hour individual meeting to formulate questions to target-stakeholder(s)

14 Nov-9 Jan:
Book interviews (own work)
Perform interviews with help of your coach
Report progress to your coach once-a-week

16-20 Jan 2023: 2-hour individual meeting with your coach to analyze the interviews.

23-27 Jan 2023: Write a need verification report (own work)

30 Jan-10 Feb 2023: Three 2-hour sessions of individual meeting (6 hrs) to update NABC, spider-diagram and write activities plan with gross budget.

13-17 Feb 2023: Feedback on your pitch in a value-creation-forum setting (all participants)

20-24 Feb 2023: End of program and a short feedback meeting.