Meet Umeå Life Science 6 february 2019. Foto: Ola Jacobsen

Open resources for life science startups

At UBI we grow ideas and intelligent minds. Welcome to a community that is motivated by making the world a little better. If your are too, we will get along great.

Your time with us will challenge you professionally. Innovation is challenging, and therefore extremely rewarding when you meet your goals. But even if things do not turn out how you thought you still win. Working on realising an idea, no matter the outcome, will create lasting skills and value to bring with you on whatever route you chose to continue on in the future.

The UBI business incubation process

Our business development approach is maybe our greatest innovation yet. The UBI-process is created to give everyone involved a clear picture of what needs to be done, and what lies ahead. The maze of innovation and product development is far from a straight line. Therefore, we present the UBI innovation process as simply as possible to help you stay on track, focusing on the right activity in the right phase of your startup’s growth.

The UBI business incubation model. Illustration: Carolina Hawranek

Read more about our incubation process.


National Infrastructure Resources for life science companies

Sweden has a wide range of specialized reasearch facilities open to academics, health professionals and industry collaborators. The services range from proteomiscs, biostatistics to medical imaging and genomics. Swelife keeps an updated comprehensive list:

Full list of national research infrastructure

National database with pipeline overview and good search options

The Swedish Life Science Industry Guide (more static listing)


Startup basics in short video format

Educational videos about starting a company (in Swedish)

Entreprenörskap och företagande 
Planera och organisera – Resultat och likviditet 
Marknadsföringens grunder 

Educational videos about accounting (in Swedish)

Introductory level with overview. These clips are in Swedish. As you will be in contact with, and use documents that have this terminology you will need to learn these terms in order to easier keep track of your company’s development.

• Redovisning – bokföringens grunder
• Redovisning – bokföring och bokslut

More detailed information about taxes, costs, revenue, funding etc.

• Löpande bokföring – Personal och moms 
• Löpande bokföring – Försäljning, inköp och finansiering
• Löpande bokföring – Personal, moms och valuta 

Presentation techniques for pitching your idea

How you succeed in communicating your discoveries may well decide the fate of your project. No matter what field you are in, you will have to master the skill of presenting your company well. It might be to investors, public presentations, to a jury at a pitch competition or in a live broadcast.

Link to Nathan Gold’s website with some free videos and educational content (opens in new window).

At Umeå Biotech Incubator we work with one of Silicon Valley’s most skilled coaches in this area – Nathan Gold. Nathan  uses extremely easy tools and pedagogical tricks to help you improve your pitch radically in a rather short time. Here are a few tips to become a more confident and successful presenter;

The Handshake Intro

The first thing you need to do in front of an audience is to establish your credibility. Use the questions below to create a compelling first impression by clearly stating what you do for whom and why in the first 30 seconds of a meeting or presentation.

1.Who are you?
2.What do you do?
3.Who do you do it for?
4.Why do they need or want it?
5.How do they benefit because of it? (or transform or change)

Recommended videos to watch:

Start with why – Simon Sinek TED Talk


Make sure to grow a sustainable work environment

Running a startup is hard work, and hectic at times. To stay focused, work efficiently and be at the top of our game when it matters, we need to stay healthy and keep up a sound work-life balance. Stress, sleep and lifestyle choices all affect us in different ways, and it may be useful to now and then check your status if you are feeling that things are getting out of hand.

Follow the link below to the starting page for tests on various lifestyle aspects that affect your health and wellbeing.
The tests are free, completely anonymous and offer you advice based on your personal results. They are scientifically developed and offered several through several public health care providers around Sweden.

Link to research-based tests on lifestyle and healthy habits (link).


Get in touch for more details on any topic below. And please, do tell us what you miss regarding resources and we’ll try to find a useful source.