Meet Umeå Life Science 6 february 2019. Foto: Ola Jacobsen

Open resources for life science startups

At UBI we grow ideas and intelligent minds. Here you can find valuable templates and links.

How to write a successful funding application

Writing attractive and accessible grant applications is an art form few masters, but anyone can learn. Our friends at Uppsala Bio have compiled a great set of tips and insights on how to succeed with this mission.

Are your applications as good as they can be? Read more and watch a video about writing good applications here.


Legal documents – ready-made templates

Ready to write an Non-Disclosure agreement? Use these templates prepared by branch professionals and published by our national network Swelife. Templates include NDA and Due Diligence forms, as well as several other critical document types you will soon be familiar with as an entreprenour within life science.

Legal document templates for startups available here.


National Infrastructure Resources for life science companies

Sweden has a wide range of specialized reasearch facilities open to academics, health professionals and industry collaborators. The services range from proteomiscs, biostatistics to medical imaging and genomics. Swelife keeps an updated comprehensive list:

Full list of national research infrastructure

National database with pipeline overview and good search options

The Swedish Life Science Industry Guide (more static listing)


Startup basics in short video format

Educational videos about starting a company (in Swedish)

Entreprenörskap och företagande 
Planera och organisera – Resultat och likviditet 
Marknadsföringens grunder 

Educational videos about accounting (in Swedish)

• Redovisning – bokföringens grunder
• Redovisning – bokföring och bokslut

More detailed information about taxes, costs, revenue, funding etc.

• Löpande bokföring – Personal och moms 
• Löpande bokföring – Försäljning, inköp och finansiering
• Löpande bokföring – Personal, moms och valuta 

Presentation techniques for pitching your idea

How you succeed in communicating your discoveries may well decide the fate of your project. No matter what field you are in, you will have to master the skill of presenting your company well. It might be to investors, public presentations, to a jury at a pitch competition or in a live broadcast.

At Umeå Biotech Incubator we work with one of Silicon Valley’s most skilled coaches in this area – Nathan Gold. Nathan uses easy tools and pedagogical tricks to help you improve your pitch radically in a rather short time

Link to Nathan Gold’s website with some free videos and educational content (opens in new window).