Verify 2 04

1-2 years

In Verify II, we have managed to connect your  case with an external partner offering some sort of grant. We are working hard to assemble the data and insights to reduce any possible risk associated with further business development. The lower the risk – the higher the value of your company. We threrefore offer special expertise regarding…

  • Personal support and preparation for meetings with external financiers.
  • Administration of follow-up reports to external seed financiers.
  • HR-support and recruitment advice in order to form a strong team around your idea

Ready to apply for and accept external grants

Cases in Verify II have advanced past our in-house funding and succeded in attracting grants from stakeholders like Vinnova, Swelife, Novo Seeds or similar. Your case is verifying it’s future market, adjusting your product, evaluating financing options, calculating production and scale-up costs, searching for potential partners etc. If you have not done so earlier, it may be applicable to register a company to protect your IP at this stage. To keep your activity plan on track you have continious access to;

  • Economy administration support
  • Furnished office space in full service science park environment
  • Facilities with laboratory equipment and access to specialized equipment if needed
  • Network contacts and consultancy services with experts in IPR etc.
  • Courses and professional training in entrepreneurship and leadership

Current UBI cases in this phase