Biotech Umeå Investment Day - the high quality partnering event for innovative startups from the north

This anually recurring pertnering event is praised for it's high quality selection of well coached startups, friendly atmosthere and interested investors.
  • Date: 1 februari, 9:00-17:00
  • Place: Stockholm, Grand Hotel
  • Organizer: Biotech Umeå in collaboration with Umeå Biotech Incubator
  • Webaddress:

The preparations are in full swing for the Biotech Umeå Investment Day, or BUID 2018 - and the 2018 event will offer the best and most appreciated features of previous events - but also a new opportunity in the form of an additional VIP mingle event for the participating entrepreneurs. The aim of this separate mingle event is to facilitate skill search and human resource management for participating startups.

In total 15 startups and science based business cases will pitch and present their innovative solusions at BUID 2018. Nine of these participants are companies in one way or another connected to the Biotech Umeå cluster. The participating partnering companies are:

  1. Brain Stimulation
  2. HiloProbe
  3. Instrube Health
  4. Lipigon Pharmaceuticals
  5. Lipum
  6. LunaLEC
  7. MorphoBloc
  8. Nordic Health Innovation
  9. SDB Biotech

Besides these - another 6 early phase Prospects will attend and showcase their research and business ideas.

Biotech Umeå Investment Day 2018 is an exclusive invite-only event. But if you have questions regarding this activity please feel free to contact Pia Keyser who is in charge of coordinating the event in 2018.

Pia Keyser, PhD
/Project manager BUID 2018 
Phone: +46 90 154976

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